Stellenbosch Digital Speaker Events

Every month or so we get a speaker to come share some of their experiences with us. The topics are usually along the lines of how we can increase collaboration in Stellenbosch, the state of Stellenbosch and Cape Town's digital scene and how we can foster growth for our budding tech scene. Check out our gallery for some pics.

EdTech Stellenbosch

EdTech Stellenbosch is a platform bringing together innovators, enthusiasts and game changers in technology within education.

Stellenbosch Software Developers

Entersekt are hosting this group as they love Stellenbosch, and are interested in all new and cool things software related!



Stellenbosch Lean Coffee - Agile Development

The purpose of this meetup is to gather professionals from industries in the innovation and development of value-adding technologies so that they might engage in knowledge-sharing and mutual learning from each others' experiences in the adoption, practice and development of Agile Methodologies, in a vibrant and fun way! The conversations are held 'lean coffee style' (see which allows for meaningful discussions and exchanges that are relevant to the specific participants of any given Meetup.

Thirsty Thursdays

Join every Thursday at 5pm for after-work drinks. The purpose is to meet new people, catch up with existing friends and colleagues and, well, have drinks. The venue is currently Protea Hotel Stellenbosch, at the bottom bar. Tweeting to the @Stelliesdigital Handle is a good idea if you're keen and want to see who else is going.